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A four-channel spatial generative composition is based on a spectral synthesis combined with the amplified sounds of an aerial
mast and its guyropes set in vibration by a system of electromagnetic hammers controlled by a synthesizer.

In his sound installation, Paweł Kulczyński temporarily transforms the museum hall of the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering into a musical instrument. To achieve this, he works with the physical phenomenon of resonance.

a part of the project "A Place Where We Could Go"
place: Former Wire Factory, Dubois St. 22, Gliwice

21st September - 5th October, Tue-Sat 3-6pm
opening: 21st September, 6pm
curator: Stanisław Ruksza

wywiad w programie "Więcej kultury proszę!" Radio Katowice

In the Gliwice Wire Factory an acoustic installation is being created that is at the same time an artistic commentary on the modernisation taking place in the city centre. As part of the international art project A Place Where We Could Go produced by the Imago Mundi Foundation and the CSW Kronika, the sound artist Paweł Kulczyński has been working on a sculpture, based partially on the choral Renaissance composition Lamentations of Jeremiah by the English composer Thomas Tallis. The installation, which consists of five 3 m high, smooth, white pipes/columns, has been set in the production hall of a factory the windows of which look out on to a nearby park and municipal palm house and a dual-carriageway under construction in the centre of the city – the Gliwice section of the Central Highway linking the cities of Upper Silesia.

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download Biomimetics, Insects

download Biomimetics, Rain

Biomimetics 2010, video available

Sound installation driven by insects, wind and rain. Consisted of huge 100m2 self-made stereo contact microphone (100 piezo transducers mounted on foil), strechted over the meadow and plugged directly into PA located in the barn.

10.09 – 02.10. 2011
13.00 –17.00

Each of the works within the planned Earlids series is meant to use similar scheme: live, self-evolving multichannel composition/installation in a darkended room, incorporating environmental sounds, driven by weather condtions and/or other measurable processes (water flow, ocean tides, machinery or people movement, insects etc). The final sonic and spatial outcome of each iteration is expected to vary considerably, given the unpredictable matrix of possible circumstances. 

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download Earlids 1

"make the familiar strange"

Earlids 1, 2010
weather controlled, 8 channel city sound processing automaton

Located in the old town of Kraków, Poland, the installation captures winter city sounds of the nearby street, reconstructs them on fly and pipes into always changing composition, altered by sunlight and outdoor temperature data.

Druga odsłona cyklu Earlids, którego poszczególne części realizowane są według zbliżonej metody: samoewoluująca, wielokanałowa kompozycja/instalacja umieszczona w wyciemnionym pomieszczeniu, do którego transmitowane są odgłosy środowiska zewnętrznego.

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download houseworks, scythe

 Houseworks: Scythe, 2010

A 12 min performance (or maybe just a piece?) for amplified scythe, wirelessly transmitted to evolving synthesizer patch. Initially planned as a part of collaborative restoration of the abandoned house's garden, beautifully located on top of the lone hill, facing west over tobacco fields.

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download Kulczynski_Anneliese_Michel

Anneliese Michel | 2008

A massive quadrophonic audio-environment installation (4k watts) in the former restaurant hall from ca. 1905, in suburban impoverished district of highly industrialized area of southern Poland, presented during Something Must Break exhibition, curated by Sebastian Cichocki (Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw).

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download Pawel_Kulczynski_Glossolalia

Glossolalia, sometimes referred to as “speaking in tongues,” is an unusual mental state associated with specific religious traditions. The individual appears to be speaking in an incomprehensible language over which he or she claims to have no control.

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